Technical Details

The technical discussion will consist of instrument details, materials & components to produce the Solar PV Modules, operational details, floor plan and the basic process flow of the production.

Key Components

Solar Cells

  • The Key Component, the main and most important basic building block of the Solar PV Module and Panels.

Module Frame

  • To give structural solid usable shape to solar PV module and create a solar PV panel.

Solar Glass

  • Protection from weathering and outside objects
  • A wide spectrum of lights for solar cell to operate
  • Stability against UV

Soldering Ribbon

  • To create the PV bus bar over the Solar Cell
  • To connect the cells in electrically series – parallel connections

TPT Backsheet

  • Higher stability under damp heat and freeze thaw condition
  • Very string tear bind to EVA
  • Chemically resistant
  • Improved module efficiency
  • High gloss surface to increase solar reflectance
  • Easily cleanable

EVA Film

  • High Stability against damp Heat
  • Optimising the bond strength with bind glass and backsheet
  • High Light Transmission
  • Highest Protection and encapsulation against UV and weathering

Junction Box

  • To complete the electrical circuit of solar cell and make it ready to use as power generation module.
  • To maintain the electrical safety

MC4 Connector

  • To connect to next module
  • To maintain the electrical safety in the system
  • To connect to inverter / charger device
  • To complete the string

Cable (Optional)

  • To connect to other PV modules in the string / array


  • To fix the Junction box on the back side of the panel
  • To seal the envelope / frame

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